Monday, May 5, 2014

Why I'm into all this natural stuff

Most people will think you're a little bit weird if you cloth diaper, use essential oils, try to grow your own food, try to make things rather than just running to the store and buying them, simply because most people aren't used to these things and therefore don't understand (and often don't even want to understand).

Well...I am one of those "weird" people!

And here's why:

I always liked animals and crafty things, so I think that's where my love for the idea of homesteading comes from. But when I was pregnant with my first (and so far my only) baby I started researching all kinds of things and during this time of research I stumbled across a lot of very interesting information about natural remedies vs modern medication, as well as how our food is produced.

I found out American cows don't eat grass, are therefore sick and because they are all sick they are fed tons of antibiotics.

I found out that most of the food industry as well as the medical industry is primarily looking to make money rather than trying to do the best for the people who will end up using their products.

I found out there are natural remedies for pretty much everything and they don't have all those side effects modern medicine does. Aaaaaand the only reason these natural remedies are no longer used as our main medication, is that they can't be patented and therefore there's less money to make.

I learned alooot of other things, but I don't want to bore you by listing all of them, because most of you probably already know....because you are into that kind of stuff as well and maybe that's even why you found my blog today.

So after thinking and praying over all this newly learned information I've come to the conclusion, that everything that was created by GOD is far better (for us and the planet and far more useful without all the bad side effects) than anything humans make in some lab.

And this is why I like being "weird", and also the reason why I started this blog.
Please come join me in my "weirdness" haha

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