Monday, May 5, 2014

Hello :)


Welcome to my blog :)

So, I'm starting this blog, to write about all kinds of things like homesteading, gardening, natural remedies recipes for natural products (like deodorant and soap), cloth diapering...and anything else that I find interesting and would love to share with you guys! :)

In case you're wondering why the name "HappyHomemades"...well, I started this blog about two years ago and didn't know what to call it, so I decided to name it after my dog "Happy" haha (and I also thought "happy" would fit, because I really am happy about these things I want to write about) and then add the "homemades" because I like homemade stuff and a majority of my posts will be about homemade things and how to make them.
Since I am currently using the free version of blogger, I am thinking about maybe changing the name if I ever switch to a paid page....buuut if I did that I'd have to come up with something better first haha

Oh and in case you're wondering why I wrote that I started this two years ago, but there are no posts yet, except for this one...well, I got a little lazy and then eventually forgot about the blog. So here I am again, I've deleted all the old (and boring) posts and am restarting this whole thing. And yes, I am determined to stick with it this time.

So, I hope you enjoy my little blog and come back to read more in the future.

Thanks for hanging out over here :)
God bless you! Have a nice day!

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