Monday, May 5, 2014

Cloth diaper de-stink

So, I used homemade cloth diaper detergent for my diapers for about a year and it worked great!
I never had to strip them, because there was no issue with soap build up or anything....well, maybe I should have stripped them anyway...because as soon as they got just a little but wet they smelled! -horrible!
So I washed them over and over again, which didn't help. Then I bough some of the Rocking Green Funk Rock (which is expensive!...especially when you're used to the price of homemade detergent..). So I used it like it said...twice...and the diapers still smelled :(
So I was thinking, "I can't keep using this stuff over and over again with no result. It's expensive!", but I can't keep using stinky diapers, that's gross!
"Should I just throw my diapers out and get new ones?" Well, I really didn't wanna do that, because I had payed for those diapers and I really liked them and they were in really good condition (except for the smell).

So I thought I'd try de-stinking them one more time and this time do it different.
And it worked!!! :)

This is what I did:

Fill bathtub with hot/very warm water.
Add recommended amount of Funk Rock.
Add diapers.
Let sit really long. I think I left mine for about six hours.
Drain water.
Wash in washer.
Sniff the diapers.
Find out that the diapers are still smelly :/  -but better! :)
Fill bathtub again.
This time add lavender essential oil to the water.
Add diapers.
Let sit over night.
Wash in washer with seventh generation liquid detergent.
Sniff again.
Be excited, because they now smell good! :)
Then wonder if it's just because the lavender might cover the smell and if they will start stinking again once peed on.

So I put them on my little guy.... and they didn't get gross! yaaaay!
Even while in the wetbag waiting to be washed, they no longer smell like something died in there haha

It's been about a week now since they were de-stinked and they still smell good.

I've been using seventh generation detergent, because i wasn't sure if the homemade detergent caused them to stink.
But then again I wonder why it didn't stink for a whole year. Did my kids pee change?
Should I change back to homemade detergent and just make sure to de-stink once in a while, before the stink builds up?
Or should I stay with seventh generation detergent? Is it good for long term cloth diaper washing?

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